Govardhan Parikrama

Govardhan or Giriraj ji is the sanctified site and is identified as a natural form of a major Hindu deity Lord Krishna. It is located 20 Kms away from Mathura. During the festival of Govardhan puja, or Annakut in Giriraj Temple, people pay obeisance to Lord Krishna by circumambulating the hill.There are no fixed dates for the yatra, but devotees prefer to start the Parikrama (circumambulation) on Guru Purnima or Mudiya Poono (June-July). The number of devotees increases at the time of Ekadashi to Purnima of every month. During the Adhikmas (leap year of Hindi calendar) the number of devotees reaches lakh. Ekadashi to Purnima of Aashar month (4th month of the Hindi calendar) is considered the most auspicious occasion to perform Parikrama. The number of devotees during this time reaches almost a crore. There are three kinds of Parikrama - one is done barefoot, the second is doodh (milk) Parikrama where the devotees carry a pot of milk with a small hole in it and the third is the dandavat Parikrama, which requires one to do multiple sashtang dandavats (lying prostrate). One can choose the kind of Parikrama one wishes to do.