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About Gokul

As per Hindu mythology, this pastoral village on the banks of Yamuna about 10 Kms from Mathura was where Lord Krishna grew up in secrecy. Every year Gokul witnesses the unprecedented celebration of Krishna Janmashtami and Nandotsav with huge fairs attended by devotees from all over the country. Other places of interest in Gokul are Dauji Temple, Raja Thakur Temple, Yogmaya Temple, Gopal Lalji Temple, Gokul Nath Temple, Morwala Temple, Thakurani Ghat and Nand Bhawan.RadhaKund/ShyamkundAs per legends the bull demon Artisa was killed by Lord Krishna, since killing a bull is believed to be a sin, Radharani and other gopis compelled Lord Krishna to take a dip in the holy rivers as an act of repentance. The lord struck the ground with his heel and all the holy rivers sprung up and filled the Kund (pond). The kund later became famous as Shyam Kund. Radharani and her friends dug out another kund with their bangles. It came to be known as Radhakund. The spot has ever since been a venue for the annual Ahoi Ashtami fair which takes place during the months of Oct-Nov.